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Saturday, June 26, 2010

MOZ YOUTH CLUB of MES COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING conducted a debate on the topic MONOPOLIES V/S OPEN SOFTWARES on 22nd June 2010.
Staff Coordinator Mr.Rahul.C
gave a brief about the topic.
Moderator : Nadeem Ismail, Administrations, myc. assisted by Greeshma Joy Kallingal,
ExE, myc.

the participants were given instructions and rules to follow while doing a debate.
On board myc...

The team who supported monopolies were mainly focusing on the security of their software in which the copyright is restricted while the others were supporting the better developing abilities of open source software.
The most active participants were,
Assad Hariz, member, myc and Nazrin , member, myc

the other ideas developed were...

Monopolies provide
* Better quality in turn of the money costumers pay, and provides most-user friendly interface.
* Major product manufacturers comes up with recommending windows & and all..
* Do not ask donations

And the open source provide

* It has faster response
* Make users' computing experiences a learning process.
* So that they develop as developers themselves
*IDC surveys tell us that during last few years the users of Microsoft will be declined at a rate of
41% where as 'Linux' increased at a rate of 27%.

Aimed at serving people
* Donations for the survival of the community not for the profit.
* Marketing tie ups with manufacturers are mainly focusing on profit.

The moderator had to provide some additional information such as- Ignorance of the African hackers by Microsoft and less security breach in mac OS X.
The Campus rep gave a felicitation on the topic, and the debate was concluded by the moderator, Nadeem Ismail with the scores made by each team annoncing that the team which SUPPORTED THE OPEN SOURCE MADE THE WIN.

The program was conducted in presence of the quality council member, Didin Menon, And The Campus rep, Sreehari D.

The whole thing was conducted by the team Centaurs, headed by Nadeem Ismail
Follow naneem on Twitter , Administrations, myc.


Anonymous said...
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sreehu said...

The programs was a great success!

Keep up the spirit Centaurs !!

Ranto said...

its good dat we had a success story again! viva MYC

Nadeem said...

thank you all..! will go forth.!!

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