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SEMINAR ON Opportunities in Management Careers a huge success!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A seminar for future MBA aspirants was conducted on 15.09.2010 by the MozYouth Club, MES Kuttippuram. The event was very well organized by the i10 group in the college auditorium. The seminar commenced at 2.30 pm and was presided by Principal Dr.V.H.Abdusalam. Sharing the dais was Prince Sir(staff in charge  MYC)Sreehari(Students co ordinator, MYC). The chief guests of the day were Mr. Nishad Gopuram, Director of T.I.M.E and alumnus XLRI and Mr. Sriram Kovil(NIT) T.I.M.E  institute, Calicut.

Dr V.H AbduSalam started off the meeting with an excellent opening note .  Sreehari ,  Student Coordinator S5 CSE welcomed the guests and members of the audience to the event. The seminar started with Mr. Nishad taking the first session. This session focused on the career opportunities open to B.Tech students if they opted to do an MBA after their graduation. Mr. Nishad also detailed the options open with the various business schools all over India and abroad and also on the entrance exam patterns for the same. He  also covered specialization during the MBA course and the merits of the same. In between , an ice breaking session was done with the audience and it helped the youngsters to connect with him and tap in to his experience. Students polled after the meeting told  that  particular useful information that came out of the seminar was the details around the various fee structures and options to avail educational loans to fund the MBA program.

Mr.Sriram Kovil took the next session which focused on alternate management programs. During this session, Mr. Kovil discussed details on the various institutions in Kerala for alternate management programs – a big part of this session was to talk about course durations and effectiveness . He also gave an insight in to the entrance exam formats such as GRE, CAT and GMAT and also on their scoring patterns. An Q&A session followed and had active participation from the audience,a quick flavor of the questions asked ---- Sruthi, S5 EC was curious about knowing the real life challenges in opting for an MBA after graduating. Many such questions were asked and were quickly clarified . Mr.Nishad and Mr.Kovil  also engaged in a brain storming session with the team. The seminar ended with vote of thanks by Shehfinaz, S5 CSE  at about 4.45pm.

Audience comment on this event

" Program was very informative. All thanks to MYC and TIME" jayaram S5 ECE

" i got lot of information in this seminar and all things were perfectly conducted" ANAS (QC MYC)

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